haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

1950's Deb Cold Wave perm

here's a photo from this video:

Over the weekend, one of my video cameras was accidently pushed over, and it and its tripod fell to the ground.  I have yet to test this camera to see if it still works.

Two other cameras hit the ground from 5" up.  Poor cameras - they are sure taking a beating!

I may be filming on the 27th of this month at Carmen's shop.  The model wishes to have the same hairstyle as Anneli, minus the pickout into an afro.  So what would this be called?  Not a poodle perm.  A mumsy?  Her hair will be shortened to 4" all around.  This shortness should keep the curls curly, as too much weight will pull on the curls making them wavy instead.

I've had people ask me if I plan on continuing my barbershop series.  The answer is yes!  It's just during winter, models would rather keep their hair to help keep them warm (and winter hats don't allow them to show to show off their new look anyway).  *smiile*  This summer will be perfect for shorter styles. 

Tags: accident, barbershop series, deb cold wave, perm, photo

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