haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

very cool shaving product, Bump Patrol, and your chance to be a model

During an internet search this morning, I came across a website that has a product that helps prevent those painful razor burns.

And they have a special going.  Licensed barbers and cosmetologists not only get a FREE 12 oz bottle of Bump Patrol Aftershave Lotion to try out, but also they get samples to give to their customers.  The exact url to this page is

A very smooth deal indeed.

But that's not all.  Bump Patrol is looking for a new face for Bump Patrol.  So guys, here's your chance to be treated like a star!  Just contact Bump Patrol for details.

Barbers can nominate their customers too. 

Anyway, their website has lots of information about shaving, including a how to video of how to shave a man's face and how to shave a man's head.   The videos feature a multi-blade razor, not the straight-edge razor that I'm partial to.  ;)  But I'm sure most people use double- triple- blades these days anyways.  :)

Oh, and anyone can register to win prizes in their monthly prize giveaway.  This month you can win either a FREE $100 iTunes Gift Card OR iPod Shuffle. 

This is definitely a website worth checking out.  :)
Tags: bump patrol, face shave, free, models needed, video, win

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