haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

more hair in the news

Enjoy more hair in the news. Hair is interesting and fun. (Thank you, Greg, for one of the news articles!)

Brit becomes first female barber in United Arab Emirates

Wigging out! Kate Hudson covers up shaved head with hairpiece and hat

Kathy Griffin Shaves Her Head To Support Sister Fighting Cancer

Lady Gaga Reveals a Radical Rocker Hair Transformation for Her Joanne Tour

Amber Rose Stepped Out in a Short, Black Wig

Kate Hudson shows newly-shaved head on outing with beau and son

Shakira shares new red hair on social media from set of music video

Shakira Debuts New Hair Color, Is Fire

The actresses shaving off their locks and proving bald is beautiful

Short Hairstyles That Are Downright Perfect for Thick Hair

We Gave Three New Yorkers Summer Hair Makeovers

Gigi Hadid Has a Pink Unicorn Ponytail (And You Can Too!)

Kate Hudson Just Got a Buzz Cut

Should I Shave My Head to Make My Hair Grow Back Healthier?

Michigan Salon Employee Temporarily Bans Men While Cutting a Muslim Woman's Hair

The History of Wigs

Kate Hudson debuts bold new BUZZ CUT on set of Sia movie
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