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YouTube video release - how to make your own salon cape

In this YouTube video - I'm showing you the easiest ways to make your very own salon or barbershop haircutting, shampoo, chemical, or whatever fabric you want to use cape. You'll need a cape clip or tiebar to hold the cape closed.

What you need
2-4 yards of fabric
small plate or tea plate
basic sewing machine
cape clip or tiebar

1. Buy 2-4 yards of fabric, or whatever length you want. Two yards will create a standard sized cape. Three yards will have enough for a tall collar and more cape length. Four yards can cover a person front and back and still hit the floor and have a tall collar.

3. If you want a collar, cut 8"-12" from the top or bottom of the fabric. (The size depends on how high you want the collar. Whatever you decide, remember that it will be folded in half.) This strip will be very long. Fold that strip in half, so that you have two long pieces and cut in half. One of those will be used to create a collar.

To create the collar, fold the strip in half horizontally, with the dull side showing. Sew the left and right edges. Turn right-side out. Fold some of the bottom over so that cut edge no longer shows and sew closed.

4. Open the cape fabric and lay it flat. There will be a folding line right down the middle. Place the plate where you want the neck opening to be. Cut to the plate and then around the plate. If making a PVC cape or a very basic cape, you can stop there. Your very simple cape is done. If you have a PVC cape that you want to add the collar, sew on your collar now; you're done.

5. Do each side or edge seperately. Fold the edge over twice, so that the cut edge is covered. Turn on the sewing machine - the basic setting is fine, and start sewing. Don't forget to push the button to put the needle in reverse to lock the first few stitches in place. Once all edges are sown, this simple cape can be used as is. Or you can now attach the collar.

6. Sew on the collar. I like to have the collar over the neck area, so people see that edge instead of the sown edging of the neck. Once done, you're all set for cape fun time. Enjoy!


I'm coloring my hair in this video and I think the red color processed for at least an hour, in a plastic clear processing cap. I'm wearing a salon gown that nearly matches my new hair color. I change into a dress after washing the excess color out. :)
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