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hair in the news

Hair - short hair, bald heads, hair coloring, wigs, etc - seems to be dominating the news lately. All I can say is, yes, more!

A cure for baldness? Scientists discover cells to trigger hair growth

Lady Gaga rocks orange wig on A Star is Born set

Jennifer Lopez rocks ringlets and NYPD uniform with tie

Met Gala 2017: Cara Delevingne Painted Her Bald Head Silver and Bedazzled It

Cara Delevingne Just Shaved Her Head, and Unsurprisingly, She Still Looks Great

I Chopped My Hair Off Before Bleaching It Blond, and It Was the Best Decision I Ever Made

This Student Just Shared An Insanely Easy Way To Wear A Graduation Cap Over Big Hair

27 Perfectly Retro Pictures From The Cannes Film Festival (check out the outdoor hair salon)

Here's Nicole Kidman As A Punk-Rock Alien In 'How To Talk To Girls At Parties'

Cara Delevingne ditches her pink wig and goes back to shaved look

What Happened When I Tried $2500, 32-Inch-Long Hair Extensions

Ashlee Simpson debuts platinum blonde hair at denim event

Kelly Rowland debuts waist-length braids at Dior Cruise presentation
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