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please download flyer and pass it around

The flyer for the Too Hot for Hair Event can be found at the Event link on the HCF website.  Here is a smaller version of that flyer:


Please download the larger flyer and pass it around in your favorite yahoo groups and forums.  All I ask is that you please don't hot link to the photo as that eats up my bandwidth.  Hot linking is when you post the exact url to the photo on another website.  It's best to download the flyer, and upload onto your own server or the group's server.  

Of course, you can always use the direct url to the Event page.  :)

Later today I'll start working on the tickets to the THFH event.

And maybe I'll start taking photos of the door prize today too.  I bought a case of Sanek neck strips to sell for $1.00 per pack (60 count per pack) on the HCF website, since many people in the UK and elsewhere have said that they have a hard time finding these.  Once I have a photo of them, I'll put them up on the website.

I'll be busy later today filming something for the school, so I probably won't make it into the chatroom today.

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