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more olds ads

A big thank you to Houndstooth06 for sending me the scans of four pharmacy cards from the Victorian Era.  As each has a hair advertisment, I cleaned them up a bit and posted them on the Vintage Ads page.

As many of you know, during my break, I visited several antique shops.  In Anoka, there was a quaint little salon with this vintage decal on the front door:

I hope to go back and retake this photo with a much higher quality camera.  I do have a UniPerm macine and would love to blow this sign up and perhaps display it.  Also, I'd love to give a hard copy to Carmen, as she has a UniPerm machine in her shop too.

Here's a couple of photos from inside this salon:

Covered shampoo bowls - you don't see them too often.  I saw another shop that had a similar station, but the shampoo bowls were removed!


I'm slowly working on the Deb cold wave perm video.  I'm 15 minutes into it.  For now, I need to start working on the flyer for the Too Hot for Hair Event.  I picked out the photo from 140 photos last night.

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