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hair in the news

Several hair themed news articles. Enjoy!

Meet the Alexander Wang Model With the Breakout Buzz Cut

Kylie Jenner’s Dramatic New Cut Steals the Alexander Wang Front Row

Meet the 7 New Models in the Alexander Wang Gang

13 Struggles Of Trying To Have Sex With Long Hair

This New London Salon Has Its Very Own Selfie Seat

30 Photos That Show Just How Insane The '90s Club Scene Really Was (2 photos of bald headed Jenny Talia)

Color-Changing Hair Dye is Here and It's Pure Magic

A Hair Care Company Subtly Trolled Trump During The Super Bowl (some cool & funny hairstyles)

Lady Gaga shares clips preparing for Super Bowl halftime show

Gary Barlow admits he's hasn't washed his hair in 14 YEARS
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