haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

webcam broken until further notice

I'm so very sorry that the webcam didn't work out this morning and afternoon.  This morning my lap top asked if I wanted to install the latest update for the webcam.  Without thinking it could harm the webcam, I downloaded the latest update.  Unfortunately, that caused the webcam to malfunction.  We have tried to figure out what went wrong, but haven't be able to get the webcam to work.  We might have to delete software and do a re-install.

Otherwise, the shoot went fine.  I got a foam poodle perm with the wooden perm rods, so my hair is extra curly.   It was combed out into an afro. Next was a double halo with the standard white perm rods.  Afterwards I got a roller set with 1960's pink plastic brush rollers.  Then, I tried out my vintage GE bonnet hair dryer.  :)

Tags: bonnet, curlers, foam perm, hair dryer, perm, poodle perm, video shoot, webcam

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