haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

change of plans

Molly, the model for the water perm and Marilyn Monroe set & style videos called in sick.  The MM video is canceled, because I'd rather not take her place wearing braces.  MM didn't have braces.  :)~

Instead, I'll do the following videos today:  wooden perm rods or 1970's white bone-like perm rods foam perm and style, double halo with standard white perm rods water perm, and then just a curler set.  I hope today will be warm because then I'll go shopping and have my camera man follow me around as I wear the curlers.  :)  Let's see if we can get women to see how fashionable curlers can be!

Starting next week, I'll be having my usually time to answer emails and have some time to chat again.  This week I'm keeping very busy.  :)

I hope to start editing the 1950's Deb Cold Wave soon.  

Oh, I better bleach my hair this morning too.

Tags: video shoot

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