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photos from Haircoloring on the Run

I've finished editing the Haircoloring on the Run video, and after posting this blog entry, I'll start the rendering process.

This video is around 78 minutes long, and it will be available for free viewing on my YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to be notified immediately when I post this and other new videos.

Here are photos from this video:

A little behind the scenes trivia - an hour before shooting, as I started to tie the royal blue tie around my neck, over my white button up blouse, when I got this feeling that I was making a horrible mistake. Since I was going to color my hair myself, it was going to get messy and my blouse ruined. So I changed into a different blouse, and I'm glad that I did. As you can see in the photos, the blouse that I wore got stained with purple hair color.

Also, during filming, my husband actually knocked on the garage window scaring the heck out of me. (I removed that footage from the video).

The garage does not have electricity, so a long electrical cord was run from the house.

While some may think that the water and the hair color probably made a big mess, actually the large box of kitty litter below did. The box broke open, dumping the water/hair color clumpy mixture. Will I do a shoot like this again? Probably not. But it was sure fun.

The self hair trim that I gave myself, I had my husband correct, much to his displeasure. (He's afraid to cut my hair as he thinks that he'll just make it worse).

Anyway, I wore black latex gloves, which several people have asked me to wear in the past. And, this video was shot in the garage attic as someone said that they wanted more than "safe, salon videos." Enjoy!
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