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salon kitty

During part of the Blonde to Brunette video, my cat hops up onto my barberchair, sits down, and watches my every move.  :)

The preview clip of this video is now on youtube:

Photos and the video will be available starting Monday.

From now on, videos that are an hour or less, will come in both 1280x720 and 640x480.  The reason for this is because of how much time it takes to rending the video files.  For those who have Pinnacle, you'll see how it's done, in case you've been wondering.

The standard, default size is 640x480.  But you can change this by going to Setup > Project > Preferences > Project Format.  But this will only take affect with a new project.  The current project won't change.  If you try to render the vod as the 1280x720 size while it's still 640x480, you'll get a message that says that your video will come out either stretched or squashed.

A way around this is to set the preferences to the larger size, copy the project, open a new project, and paste.  Now you'll wait an hour for the green bar to change back into orange.  The green tells you that it's changing the video to the larger size.

Now click on Make Movie, and choose the correct size.  There are even bigger formats too.  Now it'll render fine.  It'll just take another hour or so.

I should mention that my vods are usually 20 minutes each.  So if you're doing a bigger or smaller vod, your time will be different.

To make a DVD in widescreen format, follow the directions above.

When uploading this large vod to your server, expect 5 hours and 30 minutes per 20 minutes of video.  If you have anything slower than broadband cable, your time will be longer.  DSL should be faster, but since we don't have DSL in my area, I don't know how much faster.


I'm enjoying my spring break.  I probably won't get all the videos that I hope to make done, because of my cold, but this gives me more time to plan them.  :)   One such one is a pincurl set.  I found an old cosmetology book at an antique store last week.  Inside are several wonderful pages filled with pincurled hairstyles.  The illustrations show how exactly to do the pincurls if you want a particular hairstyle afterwards.  Very cool.  There's one photo someone sent me, that looked like she had curly, fluffy hair, but the top of her head was flattened down.  That style is in this book as a how to!  :)

I'm hoping to find some Mervin wave clips.  They can be seen in the upper left of the photo found at

I bid on this auction, but wasn't home to check back, otherwise I would have bid again!  Does anyone have any that they can sell me or trade?  I do have some rare containers of oil sachets, the kind used in home heated perm kits.  When I shake the cans, there's a wet sound, so I think the sachets still might be good.  :)  I hope to find out by doing a video with one can sometime!  

Oh, and I also have a few containers of hair tint, that also have never been opened.

I'd like to do a future video with these clips.  :)


Webcam show tomorrow.  I'm hoping that the rest of the wooden perm rods that I ordered will arrive today, as I'd like to use them for tomorrow's shoot.  (The one with me, and not Molly Holly).  Molly will get the white perm rods.

I'll need to start setting up the salon later today.

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