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various updates including another live chat

A few people have asked about my health. I had an ultrasound done on the thyroid area, and the left over lump has grown smaller after the radiation treatment, yay! I'll have to have an ultrasound done either once or twice a year to keep an eye on it. I have some other health issues, mostly just constant pain, but that's about it. :)

I'm getting close to having all of the videos moved to Once done, I can start working on the new website. A template has already been created, so now it's adding everything to it. I'll make sure that DVDs can be purchased through that website.

The video that I shot of my hair coloring and nape buzzing in the garage, I will upload on YouTube. Hopefully by this weekend? I'll see what I can do, I'm swamped at work and am having to work additional time at home. Stay tuned to this blog to find out when I do release it!

Yes, I will do another YouTube Live chat next month, so start saving your questions. The garage has no electricity, so the one in November might be the last one that I do until late spring. I don't want to burn the garage down with too many plug ins from the extension cord. (Although, if the garage burns down, I can get a new garage. *wink* No, my son's baby stuff is in there, and I want to keep that stuff for when I'm a grandma).

Oh, one gal at work who has been on vacation came back yesterday and noticed my hair. She was floored and loves the color. Her adult daughter wanted a similar color, and told me that her daughter's hair is so thick that it needs twice the dye. She told me how her daughter has done ombres, rainbow color, and has wanting something like mine. She was surprised when I told her that I bought my hair dye for around $10 at Wal-Mart. Her daughter had been putting off her latest hair color because of the salon cost. My co-worker said that she plans on stopping at Wal-Mart and then coloring her daughter's hair this weekend. She said that she would have no problems coloring it, as she has been coloring her husband's hair for the past couple of years. (Shhh! That's our little secret). ;)
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