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I finally colored my hair during Sunday's video shoot. The video shoot took place in my garage, where I pretended to be on the run from my boss who killed possibly his lover at the restaurant where I worked as a server.

I clippered my nape, which later my hubby fixed somewhat better later on that day.

Later that Sunday evening, I filmed a bit showing off my new color, which I love, love, love.

I had posted a photo of my new color on my Instagram account yesterday & had it post to my Facebook page.

I'll work on this video next week.

Okay, now time some notes from the YouTube Live event and chat I did over the weekend -

Yes, I plan on getting a perm & roller set when my hair is longer.

The textbook that I was in many years ago was Farshchian's Orthopedic Regenerative Series The Knee by Alimorad Farschian. I'm near the back of the book. I was a like a living mannequin, complete with bald head. :)

The one video where the actress left for a cigarette halfway through filming, only to have gotten drinks at the local bar was the Jana Goes to the Barbershop video. (I think that it's obvious about halfway or so in the video. Oops).

Future plans for HCF are
- building an easier website that only uses Paypal
- making a DVD option available
- working on that song parody music video

One thought was getting help in fixing up my garage. Currently, there is no electricity and the interior needs work. One of the previous owners either did, grew, and/or sold drugs from in the garage and it shows. In return, I would do a new video daily for a year and post it on YouTube. The videos would be based on your requests, keeping in mind that it has to be appropriate for YouTube - no nudity, X-rated language, and things of that nature. Good idea? Bad idea?

Someone mentioned that I needed a larger collection of cape. One person mentioned that I needed a royal blue polyester cape? Any others? I'll make a few purchases this weekend.

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Oct. 5th, 2016 07:03 pm (UTC)

Loved the session on saturday. What help do you need for the garage.
I am from the Netherlands so helping onsitemis difficult. Maybemtry something with crowdfunding?

Kind regards,

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