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I've been out on the road for the past couple of days.  Along the way I stopped at a few antique stores, and found some amazing items.  I found two packages of brush rollers.  These are from around 1977 and have original price tags of $1.23 and $1.34.  Both packages have never been opened before.  It will be like opening up a rare vintage bottle of wine.

I won't name all my purchases, just a few more.  I picked up a package of brown rubber, very flexible perm rods.  I'll have to take a photo of them and post it here, as well with another set of hair curlers that I bought.  

I have never seen these before either: it's like a black rubber tube with a somewhat-dull, wooden pencil-like end.  The ends connect together to form a squarish-circle. I'd like to learn how these were used.

Lastly, are the metal and leather curlers.  These are in fantastic shape.  Construction seems fairly simple; I could probably make more.  


On April 3rd, as you know, I'm shooting a MM set & style video.  We'll also shoot a water perm and maybe another water perm after the model is gone, with me sitting in the chair this time.  I would like to try the wooden perm rods that I have.  The webcam will probably be on all day.  If someone(s) could save the photos and then later either post them into the webcam folder or email them to me, so I can add them there, that would be great.  This way, anyone who missed the show, can still enjoy it.  

I am hoping to film my highlighting and bleaching this week too, but I have a bad cold at the moment.  It was so warm that I thought I could just leave my winter coat in the car.  Well, as I was traveling, it turned out not to be so warm as it was in Minneapolis.  :p  I'll be drinking plenty of hot black tea.

Now I'm off to clean my new purchases.  :)
Tags: curlers, perm rods, video shoot, webcam

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