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I receive hundreds of emails and messages in several email boxes and websites daily, and it is just me to read email. I've tried hiring someone to answer the emails and messages for me a couple of times, but when they saw how much work it was, they quit on the spot. Because I have a family, a full-time job,, a household to run, and projects to do, my time online is limited. (And somewhere I have to find time to make new fun things for you to enjoy!)

Below are the questions and comments that I often receive. Please see if your question is answered below. If it isn't, I'll add it to this list within a week. While I'm not able to answer emails or messages personally anymore, I do a webcam chat for an hour on YouTube Live randomly. Please watch my Facebook page or this blog for the next one.

Can you cut my hair, shave my head, color my hair, etc?
I've had so many requests on this topic - people asking me to cut their hair. I'm not a professional stylist. I don't really know how to cut hair into fades or etc. I am not cutting, shaving, coloring, or anyone's hair.

Can you make me a cape?
I'm sorry, but I don't make capes for others as I'm not a seamstress. My capes are not perfect. They are durable though. I'll have to make a video on how people can make their own basic hair cutting capes. It's really easy to do.

Kat, why didn't you become a hair dresser since you obviously love hair?
I actually looked into going to school to be a barber or a hair stylist many years ago, but the reason that I didn't go was that the classes had a start time of 8 am sharp. Non-flexible. I could never attend as I have a child and I take him to school.

Fast forward years later, same thing. Also, I have a job. I can't afford to quit my job to attend school as a barber or as a hair dresser. The pay isn't very good in these fields either - so be sure to tip your barber or stylist well!

I'd like to make my own hair videos to sell. Do you have any advice?
If you want to create and sell your own videos, I suggest searching for models in your own area. Please contact your local beauty schools and offer the stylists money to shoot a video. You can also try posting ads for models and hair stylists on popular job boards or classified jobs, such as You can offer models free haircutting/perms/etc and pay. Otherwise, you can outsource models. Please try to hire models for haircutting and etc. You will need to find or create a model release and have everyone sign it.

I'm trying to buy a video, but I'm getting an error.
All videos are hosted on one of the following websites - Sellfy, Clips4Sale, and YouTube. Below are the customer service informations for each one. Please provide them with the video that you are trying to buy and the error message that you are receiving.

The Contact Support button is located in the upper right corner. They usually respond within a few hours.

You can submit a ticket, call, or do the live chat.

If you are unable to rent a video because it states that the video is not available in your country, I can look into that. But, for some reason, YouTube doesn't allow Germany to rent USA videos.

As for their customer service, you really can't contact them, but they have lots of helpful documentation at

"The hair stories website is gone. How can I sell my stories on Amazon?"
You can either try or There are tutorials online for each. Ask a friend to proofread or edit your story. If you don't have a friend who can do this, you might find a good deal for this service on or contact your local college and hire an English major. (I'm also available for a reasonable rate, and I do have 10+ years of experience in editing).

Next, you'll need a cover for your story. Take photos, draw, or etc. There are stock companies out there too. Both CreateSpace and Kindle have a wide assortment of covers to use for free. You can also look for CreateSpace/Amazon story/book cover creators on Fiverr. If there is an image of mine that you would like to use for your story, I do offer non-exclusive, royalty-free rights at a reasonable price.

CreateSpace should already have a template that you can use for your story, free of charge. Otherwise, I suggest buying a story that Amazon already sells and see how they set up the format. When I was setting up my Amazon shop, I saw August D. Adams already thought of selling his haircutting stories on Amazon. He has at least a couple of them there, which he sells for $1.99 - $2.99 (The price seems to change at times to one of those).

Good luck and I wish you much success!

"Can you please sell your videos with Paypal?"
Yes, I hope to do so too! :) I have several videos in my Sellfy store and it uses Paypal. Sadly, I don't have all of my videos listed there yet. If there is a title that you want to see there, please let me know, and I will try my best to have it up within a week. I will email you when the video is available on Sellfy, in which you can pay using Paypal.

"I love your videos/photos!"
Thank you so much! I'm very happy that you enjoy them. I hope to create more soon. But finding time is always a challenge. (Hopefully, by directing people to this page of FAQ, I can free up time to create more stuff.)

Hello back. (I'm not sure why you'd only write "hi" or "hello"). Maybe you're just stopping by? If so, care to bring doughnuts next time? ;)

"How are you? How are you feeling?"
Thank you for asking, that's very sweet of you. I feel like I have recovered from cancer well.

"When are you going to shave your head again?"
I am done shaving my head. May 31, 2015 was the last time. People email and message me daily to shave my head. It's gotten to the point of harassment. Can you believe that some people will tell me that I "look better bald," that I "look ugly with hair," and etc? That's just rude. It makes me regret ever shaving my head in the first place.

"When are you going to make another video, photos, etc?"
Good question. I no longer have a home studio, and my garage doesn't have electricity. Hopefully, next year I can turn my garage into a studio. I'll be sure to post updates on my blog Be sure to check it out often for the latest updates.

"Do you know any bald women who I can date/meet?"
I'm sorry, I don't know of any bald women to set you up with. But you can find bald women at comic book/sci-fi conventions. There are many forums, message boards, and Facebook groups dedicated to bald women. Try joining and posting on one of those. Good luck!

"Help me. (Or) I have to ask you a question."
When people write this, I'm asked to choose a hairstyle for the person or spouse. While I wish I was a professional stylist/barberette, I'm not. I can't give any advice because the best looking haircut for you or your spouse depends on your head and face structure. Even with all the photos in the world, the best person to talk to is with a stylist or barber, face-to-face.

"You're beautiful. I'll like to marry you."
Awww...thank you for your compliment. You're very sweet. I already have one husband, and he's enough work for twenty.

"Do you like balloons, etc? Do you like to dress up, wear a tie, etc?"
Yes! I love to have fun, and this brings a smile to my face.

"Can you shave my head? Cut my hair? Etc?"
I'm sorry, I wish that I could, but I can't. As I don't have a license to cut hair, I can't rent a station at a salon or a barbershop.

"What about being in a video? Can you cut my hair in a video?"
Maybe, it depends on what you look like, how much hair you have, and what you want done. It would have to be done at Carmen's studio.

"Can I meet you?"
Sometimes, if you are having your hair done at Carmen's salon, I can stop by. But I do charge for my time.

"I would love to help you. How can I?" are so sweet! Right now I would love help with re-designing both the and websites. Or, I'd love some help turning my garage into a studio. If I can get my garage fixed to be a functional studio, I'd happily post a minimum 5-minute on YouTube every day for a year. (Videos would have feature only me for now and would need to conform to YouTube's rules and regulations). Feel free to donate toward this cause at

"Can I have a free video?"
I've posted several free full length videos on two of my YouTube channels at
Each video costs at least a thousand dollars to make due to modeling fees, stylist fees, location fees, material costs, filming and editing costs, so I can't give all my videos away for free, otherwise, I can't afford to make any more. Keep checking the channels as I do post a free video from time to time.

"I lost all my videos of yours. Can you send me copies?"
I'm sorry to hear that. Please always save videos to an additional backup because the C: drive is the worse place to save anything, as all of the programs run from that drive, and most drive failures are the C: drive. Unfortunately, I do not have a business server or any type of server anymore. (That's why you don't see me hosting any of my own videos). I send the replacement videos on DVD; you'll just need to pay $5.00 for shipping (within the USA, $12 outside the USA). Please provide receipts of what you had purchased (some videos are no longer available) and your mailing address to

"Can I use your photos for my group, story, etc?"
As long as the photos show my logo/url and as long as I had made the photos available to the public (the photos are not available for purchase), then yes, feel free to display them anywhere, as long as you're not benefiting financially from the photos.

"Can I cut hair in one of your videos?"
I'm sorry, but I don't have time to shoot new videos at the moment, but if you really want to shoot videos yourself, you can put an ad for models on craigslist or modeling forums. You can ask other hair producers to sell your video for you, or you can sell it yourself on

"Can you sponsor my fundraiser?"
I get this question more than I thought that I would. Sometimes I'll re-post a fundraiser that someone posted on my Facebook page. I do donate to some, but I can't donate to all, even though I wish that I could.

"Will you make hair videos again?"
It's all about demand and purchasing. If the video category doesn't sell, I can't afford to make more.

"Do you still have the [insert barber or salon equipment here]?"
I sold mostly everything to fund my divorce some years back or so. I did re-buy a barber chair and some capes, which are all buried in the garage.

"Are you going to do videos in your garage?"
I would like to, but there is no air conditioning, no heat, no electricity, and one window is nailed shut. Maybe one day I'll have the garage replaced and build a studio, but I cannot say for sure.

"Hey, those voiced-over videos are awesome. Can you make more?"
Someone provided the script and we had worked a deal on something, but the deal fell through. I decided to post the videos as I didn't want them to go to waste. If some sweet people are able to help me build the garage, I'd be happy to produce more. Of course, if you'd like to hire me for your own project, I'm up for that.

"When will do post that bald, head shaving, parody music video?"
I hope to start back on it next year, as school...well, you know the rest. :)

"Can you shave my head? Cut my hair?"
I'm sorry, but I'm not a licensed stylist so I can't cut hair professionally. If you still want me to cut your hair or shave your head, it would have be done at Carmen's salon. There are fees that will have to be paid.

"Can I post your photos elsewhere?"
As long as the photos are NOT ALTERED IN ANY WAY besides resizing, you can post any photo containing the or logo on any Yahoo group, website, or forum. I have seen a few photos were someone blurred out a face, added someone else's face on my photos, and cropped in tightly to avoid my url/logo. I find those alterations tasteless, disrespectful, and rude. DO NOT DESTROY MY ART! You can post my photos found on these two websites, but the photos must be left in their original condition. If you are posting a photo of mine, that for some reason, does not have my url/logo on it, you need to credit me with my website link. Leaving my website link so that others can see my work is the proper thing to do in any case anyway.

If I find, or if it is reported, that my photos are posted on another site and these photos have been altered, the altered photos MUST be removed. So let's save everyone's time by please posting photos correctly. I share so much, so I don't see why I should be treated so poorly. If people continue to alter my photos, I will have to post the url/logo over the entire photo.

"Why did you shave your head?"
I've always enjoyed dying my hair different colors, getting perms, and different haircuts. One day a photographer asked if I would shave my head for his project. Since I had never shaved my head bald before, I figured, why not? I'll try (*almost*) anything new once, and do it more if I like it. So I shaved my head for the first time in 2001.

Due to a difficult pregnancy, I wasn't able to keep the bald look long. But things changed in 2004. I missed being bald. So I contacted a different photographer, whom I had heard so much about, and set up a time to shave my head again. So I stayed bald for a year and now I'm growing my hair out as requested by my husband.

"How does it feel like to be bald?"
It is empowering. I think all women should shave their head at least once in their lifetime. They need to break away from society's view of woman should only have long hair. Yuck. Why be a sheep when you can be a tigeress? Women need to challenge society's strict gender roles that lead us into oppression and repression. We are not here just to create more people who will be forced suppress their desires and force them to believe that women should serve instead of being served. When your sheared hair hits the floor, so does years of repression. A huge weigh is not only lifted off your head and shoulders, but also off your back and chest. From all the women whom I've spoken with who have choose to go bald, they have felt empowered, sexier, and more alive. I wish more naturally bald women would ditch the wigs and show off their true beauty. If women would have more confidence in themselves, they wouldn't need all this dieting, cosmetic surgery, and all this other crap. Quit making strangers happy and focus on making yourself happy. What I've learned is that of course, everything thinks their body has a flaw or two. But to someone else, that "flaw" is very sexy. There are people out there who love thin, fat, tall, short, bald, long hair, long legs, a missing leg, small chest, big chest, and etc. The list goes on! Once a woman is confident in herself and who she is, the world will open up. No longer will she be forced to be submissive (unless she likes that type of thing in the bedroom); she will be strong.

"Are you going to shave your head anytime soon?"
No. I'm not planning on shaving my head ever again, unless to audition for a bit part for the next Hollywood Star Trek movie. So if you have connections, and want to see me bald again, set it up. Otherwise, it ain't going to happen. Why? Because I've been pigeon-holed as the bald chick, and there's more to me than that. Also, I've sported the bald look for many years already. Since I prefer to change my look constantly, it was time for a change. Now please, no more emails or messaging me about "you need to shave your head!", because those messages will be ignored.

"How can I get my wife/girlfriend to shave her head?"
Ask her. Just be honest and tell her that you have a fantasy that you would like to fulfill sometime. Let her ask you what it is. When she asks, tell her that you would love to see her bald and that you would love to do the hair cutting and head shaving for her. Tell her you would like to make it a sensual shaving session, where she can shave your head first. Promise her that you'll shave her legs and anything else she wants. Let her think about this, as she might be surprised, and will probably not agree to it right away. Do NOT apologize for your fantasy or beg her to do it, or else she'll think you a loser. But do ask! She will appreciate the honesty and will feel closer to you because she'll know you are sharing a secret fantasy with her. Because there is no pressure, within two weeks, she'll probably ask you more questions about your hair fetish and she will be thinking about shaving her head. Always be honest. Let her know how much you find bald women sexy and that you will find her sexier because she is your lover and she is beautiful already, more beautiful than any celebrity. If she wants a wig as a back up, go ahead to a wig store and order one. Please note that a custom wig will take about two-weeks to arrive at the store after you order one.

You can bring up this subject of bald women while watching a movie that has a bald woman in it. See my list of bald women in Hollywood movies if you need some ideas of movies with bald women. While looking at the screen where the bald woman is being shown, just say that you, "Wow, bald women are sexy." Then turning to her, say, "Honey, I would love to see you bald someday." She will be a bit surprised and ask you if you're telling the truth. Tell her yes and that you are serious about one day making love to her when she is completely hairless.

The key thing to having your wife/girlfriend shave her head bald is always be truthful about your fetish. You might feel a little uneasy at first if she doesn't know about your fetish, but she will understand and love you more for sharing it with her. And you never know, sharing your fantasy may led to her sharing her secret fantasies with you and maybe she might reveal that she has always dreamed about going bald but just was too afraid to ask your opinion on it.

"I'm a guy and I want to shave my head, but I'm too afraid to ask the barber(ette) to shave me."
Seriously, what is the hang up about? You want to feel the razor scraping off all that unnecessary hair, right? Then go for it! There are no grounded reasons for you to feel ashamed or afraid. Look around you when you go out. You'll find many men, from their teen years to the elder who show off their bald head. Bald is in for men. There are no social hangups for men who are bald. Heck, Vin Diesel (or Monteal Williams) wouldn't be the hottie he is if he had kept his hair.

Okay, so maybe you're afraid that you might look ugly bald. Is that the only thing that's keeping you back? Well, forget about it! Hair grows back so quickly. Within a month, you'll have a nice fuzz (1-2 mm) of hair on your head...and it will keep growing unless you have some kind of medical problem or if you shave it off again.

I, a woman, shaved off all my hair without knowing what I would look like. I did have thoughts that I might look like a guy after it was over, but did that stop me? No. And why? Because you have to be willing to take risks. Do you really want to look back after your death (if you believe in an afterlife) or even when your elderly and wish you had just done it? Do you really want that kind of feeling of regret over something so trivial as that? Do yourself a favor and try it. And I'm not going to say this just about hair, but in life in general. You aren't going to have fun or really experience life unless you fully live it out. I'm not saying to go out and do whatever you please (because there is laws and I don't want anyone to do anything illegal or that hurts anyone else), but do the stuff you've been desiring to do. You want to remember your childhood by playing at the park? Then do it. Truthfully, if you're worried what people might think of you, then stop worrying. People aren't going to care and will forget about it later. People are more concerned about their own worries and thoughts than to talk about some man hanging from the monkey bars, unless he's shoveling the kids off and pushing them to the ground. Besides, you probably won't be seeing these people again so why would their opinions matter? Now if there are women reading this portion, I really want you to understand that this living life to your enjoyment applies to you too! Men shouldn't be the only ones having fun. *smile*

Now with all this said, Men, stop your whining and have fun. (Okay, if you're still too uneasy with taking my advice, but still want to get your head shave, just tell the barber that you want the Van Disel look to impress the ladies. The barber will understand).

"What's the best way to shave one's head?"
I prefer using the electric razor with the 00 blade to get the hair cut as close to my scalp as possible, and then use the Braun electric razor to get my head velvety smooth. Otherwise, once the hair is close to the scalp as possible, take a hot shower, and either use shaving lather from a can, or the hot shaving lather you mix up with a shaving cream brush in a mug that has shaving soap and some hot water, and put that lather on your head. Let it sit for a minute and then use a three+ bladed razor to get the head smooth. Using extra virgin olive oil seems to work for some. (I use it on my eyebrows when I shave them off).

"I'm a woman wanting to shave my head. What advice can you give me?"
Yay! You want to break away from society's repressive holdings over women; congratulations!!! I was a bit nervous about what I would look like after I shaved my head, but I figured that hair grows back and it would be a interesting experience nonetheless. Once I had the clippers in my hands, turned them on, took a nervous breathe, and then buried the electric razor across the side of my head, I felt something that I don't think I can describe. It was like relief and extreme happiness. There's a certain power you feel; it's like removing all of society's asinine labels or restrictions placed on me as a woman. Seeing the hair pile up onto the floor was almost like watching a movie because the moment doesn't seem real; find the right words, I cannot find them. I just felt utter joy. After all the hair was gone, my head feel so much lighter. Taking a shower to remove all tiny hairs felt so sensual and amazing -- the way the water hits the soft, sensitive skin will wish you could stay in the shower forever. The shower is very erotic because the warm jets of spray are massaging skin that has either never been bare to the touch before or hasn't been bare since your birth. The bare head is one large sensual zone.

I've talked with several women who have shaved their heads, and their stories are all the same. The head shaving is very empowering, and the women feel so sensual afterwards. Being bald for awhile gives you a new perspective on life. This is why I think all women should shave their head at least once in their lifetime.

As for advice, you can check out the shaving guide I mentioned above for the best way to shave your head (and other body parts). If you have a job that requires a certain hair length, you can always buy a wig before you shave your head. The best part about wigs is that you can have a lot of fun dressing up in them. I would stay away from curly wigs though. I've never had them fit right on me.

I also purchased a couple cloth head bands, the kind that wrap all the way around, so that if the was any minor flaws (too much hair or not enough hair in front), the band could cover these up easily and still look quite attractive. (Please note I use these head bands for the really cheap wigs, the kind I get for around $10 or so at a costume shop).

You have Part 1 and Part 3. Where is Part 2 in your YouTube channel?
I have two YouTube channels; feel free to subscribe to both if you haven't already done so.

To find Part 2, I suggest typing in "part" into my channel's search field. See this handy photo for reference. (Remember, clicking on the photo makes it larger).

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