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I'm very excited.  After resting a bit (I've had a severe attack of allergies for the past three days), I started working on my beauty salon.  The shampoo shower and the 1920's mirror have been installed, a perm machine has been put in it's place, and the head rest for the shampoo chair is being worked on.  I'll probably finish it tomorrow. 

And I'll be parting out one of my perm machines tomorrow too.  I don't have room for three!  Luckily, one is a portable perm machine, so it doesn't take up too much room.

The German windup video is nearly finished.  I have the basic editing down, now I just need to match sound and watch it through to make sure everything is how I want it.  The video is 86 minutes long.  I hope to finish this tomorrow too.  :)

Yep, I keep constantly busy.  

Oh, and I'm trying to schedule several video shoots for later this month and for next month.  I had to cancel tomorrow's video shoot as I don't think I'll be well enough by then.  

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