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I've been notified of a discussion involving the chatroom on the HCF site.  Apparently some were uncomfortable and there might have been some unappropriate language last night.  I was not there, so I do not know exactly what was said.  I thought I better post here to clear some thing up.

The chatroom and the forum are available to the public.  Because of this, I ask that all language is appropriate, because you never know who might see it.  If a young teenager should visit the chat room, the best things to do are:  first ask why this person was there.  Second, if this person speaks sexually, she/he should be told that it is inappropriate and that if it continues, will be asked to leave.  Third, maybe he/she doesn't know that there are other hair chatrooms that are more suitable for his/her age.  (What kid wants to talk to a bunch of adults anyway?)  Just let him/her know that this chatroom is usually only filled with adults.  Better hair chatrooms for kids and teens are:

These are for kids and teens only.  Adults do NOT visit.

If the teenager wants to stay, change topic to something that can be said in front of somebody's parents or strangers.  Just because they are younger, doesn't mean you can be rude.  But don't expect to discuss adult topics with them either.

The chatroom on the HFC site is unmoderated.  I do not own this chatroom.  I wish that I did, so I can have someone change the script to fit our needs.  If the chatroom becomes a problem, it can be removed.

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