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Question:  "Hi was windering if perple with short hair if they can get a perm and if I would ware a shower cap. After you would roll my hair up in curler I would like to know how long I would sit under the dryer. And how along will my perm stay in my hair. Do all salons do foam perms Because I wached Leah's foam perm video and I want to get a perm now."

Answer:  Yes!  People with short hair can get a perm.  Of course it depends on how short the hair is, but the shorter the hair, the smaller the rod and curler will need to be.  The curls will be tight and small.  If you wish to avoid having very tight curls, you can always brush out the curls into a wave.

The amount of time needed to be under the dryer depends on your hair thickness as well as the type of rod or curler used.  Your stylist will determine the amount of time that is best for you.

Perms can last up to six months, or for some, up to a year.  Of course, your hair new growth will not be curly or have a wave.  Again, how long a perm will last depends on the solution used, how the hair is taken care of afterward, and your hair´s composition.  Your stylist would be able to give you a better idea of how long your perm will last.

You don´t need to wear a shower cap, unless you are showering quite often.  Just be sure to use a special shampoo and conditioner that is recommended for permed hair, and towel dry your hair by gently squeezing it up towards the scalp.

Unfortunately, most salons stopped doing foam perms 15 years ago.  The companies who supply salons with perm solutions no longer make foam perms.  You might be able to find foam perm solutions at Walgreens or online.  There are only two companies that I know of who still make consumer foam perm kits:  Ogilvie and Lilt. 

Once you have these kits, you can bring them to your favorite salon, and have them give you a foam perm.

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