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ebay & request to post

Steve told me that I ought to place an ad on ebay to drum up some interest.  Well, why not?  I'll try it, but I won't do it often.

I listed TruKenna's perm machine 3-DVD set, at a starting bid of just $0.99


Three webcam shows were done today. 
1.) me dressed as a school girl with pig tails, and my newest shirt and tie, showing off my braces
2.) me dressed in traditional hair dresser's gown shaving my face and shaving off my eyebrows
3.)me wearing a swim cap and hitting myself in the face with three pies

The first shows were video taped, and will be made available for purchase in the upcoming months.  The 3rd one was a custom video which will probably be sold on the client's website.

One sweetheart, saved the some of images from the webcam show, and put them in the webcam folder on the haircuttingfun yahoo group.  You can find this group by clicking on NEWSLETTER on the website.

If someone can *please* save the photos from the webcam shows and either post them in the webcam folder, or email them to me directly, that would be awesome.  I would take that as a sign of appreciation and because of that, I'd be happy to do more shows.


The following is from J., who requested that I post his email.

In all seriousness and I hope you will post this message to your blog: you deserve to be allowed to go on spring break and you need to stop all the promises you have made on your blog. KAT! Take the time off. Go and have a blast on your trip.

And all you people who make demands of Kat and her time, you are not friends if you do not back off and allow Kat to have her personal time. You can wait until Kat returns and she goes back on-line. If you are truly a fan of this site, all you people who are pressuring for more, you will back off.

Kat, go on spring break and stop your work until you return, refreshed. Take care, Have a great vacation. And Kat, I mean it. Go and have a blast. Your fans will be there when you return.



Dear J., 

You are a gem.  I do hope to take a break and spend some time with my family, and to check out some antique shops that I haven't been to before.  You wouldn't believe how many emails that I get, so I have to check on them often otherwise it becomes too much for me.  I even did email on my honeymoon!  (Oh, and I filmed my own wedding and set up the cameras to film my wedding updo).  lol, crazy me, I know.

My biggest problem is that I'm a workaholic.  But with this economy, making more videos doesn't really seem to be doing me any good.  So maybe after the MM set, I'll probably take a long break from filming.  (I can't really afford to make any more videos after the MM video anyway).

I will admit, that sometimes I do feel pressured and taken advantage of.  For the pressure part, there's a few names that spring to my mind.  Anyway....

I really do hope the economy picks up soon.  :)  Then maybe I can relax easier.

Best wishes and thank you.  *hugs*

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