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Right now I'm rendering the All Methods Shampoo VODs at HDV 720/60p 1280 x 720.  Uploading just one VOD to my server takes 5 hours.  I hope that downloading won't be a problem for anyone.  I am also making the regular sized versions just in case these VODs are too much for people to handle.  This video will be available for purchase next Friday.  If people wish that I go back to the 640x480 size, *please* let me know.

I've had a few people write to me asking why their username and password aren't working for the VODs.  You have 7 days to download the VODs (this is much longer than most hair video producers allow).  Please don't wait a month!  That's why it doesn't work; it's because the link expired!  :)~  I think that *might* have to start charging $3 per VOD that I have to re-activate, because for each one, I have to do it manually, and it takes 15 minutes to do so.  

For those with computer crashes, I understand.  But prevention is the best medicine.  After I had my computer crash, I bought another drive, and store everything on that.  The C: drive crashes most often because it has all the programs stored and working on that drive.  The other drive doesn't.  So far, I haven't had a problem.  :)

Anyway, around 10 am this morning, I'll start setting up or be starting my videos (and webcam).  After the brace video, don't fret if I disappear -- I went to go change outfits.    :)   I'll let you know in the chatroom when I'm done for the day.  

In the chatroom, I do love chatting with everyone.  I just ask that I don't get PM'ed.  It throws me off when I'm typing in the chatroom (I am sort of blonde, so one thing at a time please!).  There's someone out there, and you know who you are, who continues to PM me when I ask you to stop.  I don't want to block or ban you, but I will if this continues.
Now I'm off to work again.  :)
Tags: chatroom, vod downloading help, webcam

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