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I just started editing All Methods Shampoo featuring Jennifer Lauren and Clark Hartsell as the shampoo tech.  I'm at about 21 minutes.  But I'm going to take a little break shortly and start cleaning up my salon.  Yes, I'll turn on the webcam for that.  If I have enough time today, I *may* do a couple of small videos.  If not, I'll save that for Thursday morning when I have more time.

During the weekend, I played with the new editing software.  I found that if I output the VODs to HDV 1280 x 720 in Pinnacle, the quality is near equal to the pro software .wmv setting.  So starting with the shampoo video, all future VODs will be in this format.   (But if this causes problems, *please* let me know).

Now off to the show!
Tags: jennifer lauren, shampoo, video editing, webcam

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