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my new hair video and Q&A

Happy Hair-o-ween! I've posted a spook-tacular video of my putting gel into my hair for a few slicked-back hairstyles while at a cemetery in South Carolina. https://youtu.be/hYlcbaaos0A

Now for some Q&A:

Will you make hair videos again?
Yes, but right now I'm back in school, besides working full-time and raising a family. I should have more time again next year.

Do you still have the [insert barber or salon equipment here]?
I sold mostly everything to fund my divorce a couple years back or so. I did re-buy a barber chair and some capes, which are all buried in the garage.

Are you going to do videos in your garage?
I would like to, but there is no air conditioning, no heat, no electricity, and one window is nailed shut. Maybe one day I'll have the garage replaced and build a studio, but I cannot say for sure.

Hey, those voiced-over videos are awesome. Can you make more?
Maybe. Right now, I'm not doing much because of my school work. I have at least two papers to write a week, plus at least four chapters to cover each week as well.

When will do post that bald, head shaving, parody music video?
I hope to start back on it next year, as school...well, you know the rest. :)

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