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my hair = lesbian?

For my bachelorette party, we visited my favorite bar. Okay, it's a gay bar...where 80% of the clientele are straight. All the brides-to-be were asked to go up on stage. The MC made it a point that everyone had to clear a way for the "lesbian," meaning me, to be first, because lesbians are awesome. At first I gave her a look like, "What, me?" and then I figured, 'why not just play along.' The MC came to talk to me first, asking for my name. She laughed and said how fitting for a lesbian to be named Kat, and how much I must love pussy. She said that it would be a riot if my wife had the name of (insert gender neutral name here). I was a bit surprised when she guessed my husband's name, but she more surprised than me when told her that, yes, his name is (insert his name). "He!" she exclaimed to the crowd. "People, you can't make this sh*t up! Call him up on stage!"

The MC then did her spiel with the rest of the ladies. When she asked the last woman where her future husband was, the gal replied that her soon-to-be-wife was in the audience. The MC lost it at this point and handed her mic to some guy in the audience as her gay-dar was way off tonight.

Anyway, yep, I think that it was the hair. It's growing out and I can't do anything with it yet. It stands straight out without any product. I can't wait to start slicking it back. I enjoy my greaser phase.

Because my hair is so short, I make sure that my hubby shaves my nape at least once a month. (Yes, I'm already married, but it took me this long - nearly a year! - for me to have time for a bachelorette party.


I've been getting notices that people are cropping my photos to get rid of my website urls and people are pulling photos from my videos without telling people where the photo came from. I know that most people didn't pay attention in their English classes about copyright and how to credit photos, videos, and etc, but ignorance doesn't keep you from safe from the law.

I'm happy that people want to share my photos, but the photos to share are the ones where I have my website url on them and where I posted the photos publicly on any of the following places:

That's a lot of photos! :)

It's a slap in the face when I see someone has cropped my photos to remove my website url. And not only is it rude to post photos pulled from my videos without stating which video it is from, but also people see the photo and don't know where it came from. Removing the url and posting unauthorized photos is illegal. People think that the photos without urls or without watermarks are public domain, but they aren't. All photos are copyrighted the minute that the photo is created. If someone chooses to have the photos be public domain, you'll find those on true public domain websites. And even then, the copyright holder can still put restrictions on the use of their photos.

Here's a great, quick article on copyright law

Thus, I haven't had the urge lately to post any new photos of me or create any new videos. So, I'm asking, if you have unauthorized photos of me (or if you know someone who does), please put in the photo's information area (or tell the person who has these unauthorized photos) to put in which video that the photo came from and/or my website of

Sharing my approved photos makes me happy. And when I'm happy, I create more stuff. Everyone wants that, right? :) So, please do the right thing. Thanks!
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