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tsk, tsk, only 1,139 subscribers for https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMWe4l0F3vlpielQtDNvEVw You all must not want to see me nearly bald trying on 3-4 wigs. Oh, and one of the blouses that I wear, well, you really don't want to miss that. It's a vintage number, that's actually only supposed to be a covering...

Come on, folks, bring it to 2,000 subscribers and a new video gets put up!

Now for one of my adventures - as I'm walking downstairs for my break, I spot the wig-loving and wearing supervisor. She took one look at me and exclaimed, "My, your hair is getting long! You need to cut it. With your face, you look best in short hair, sweetie." I told her then about tmy hubby's hair preference. "Well, maybe you can convince him. With your hair getting longer, you're due for a sassy cut." I smiled and agreed, and continued on my way.

A couple of co-workers have been getting haircuts over the past weekend. The guy looks more attractive in his short 2" around buzz. This other gal had her sides shaved and has a faux hawk now. Very nice. Another gal cut her hair to about shoulder-length and had a tight curly perm. It's so adorable on her. And the curls are very, very lovely. Strong, tight curls.

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