haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

If I can get 1,000 more subscribers, I'll post a wig play video

I was looking at both of my YouTube channels, and one has over 10,000 subscribers and my new one has a tad more than 1,0000. Let's see if we can raise those numbers a bit to 2,130. It should be easy.

If I can get 1,000 more subscribers for this channel, I'll post a 13 minute wig play video. It was shot the week after my head shave, so I've got a small amount of hair growth. Still very attractive. :)

If I can get an additional 1,000 subscribers, on top of the 2,130 numbers, I'll post another video. I hope to shoot it tomorrow. It's a funny one, maybe somewhat dumb, so you're either sure to smile or say WTF?
Tags: more subscribers needed, wig play, youtube

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