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new videos with perm rods

The women's bathroom is a safe haven to say whatever is on your mind. At work today, while washing my hands, a women notices me and tells me how jealous she is of my haircut. It's hot outside and has hot flashes too, so having barely any hair would be a welcome treat. But she is too afraid that she doesn't have the face or the proper head shape for it. She told me that she loved my hair style even as I left to give her some privacy. (She continued to talk to me while on the toilet).


The last three curler/perm videos where I did the custom audio for can be found at Warning - NSFW.

While trying to search for the email with lyrics and another one with a video clip, I came across one of my favorite videos

And this stuff too:

Fun story sent to me by G.

Jim sent the following links:

Two women get their head shaved while on a trip

VBlog - Bye Bye Hair

Getting a Pixie Cut / EM

G. sent this link:
Forget Dip Dye! SAND ART hair is the new style for this summer

Another G. sent this link:
Trending - women with armpit hair

While continuing my job hunt, I was able to edit and render the caping video by the lake. I'll upload it within the next few days. I barely started the head shaving video file; I want to find that other video clip first before I start the main editing, darn it. I know its in my inbox, it's just heavily buried.
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