haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

stuff's in the mail

I couldn't decide between two photographs of me, so I had two printed. These have been signed, and for those who donated $50 or more, they will start to be sent in the mail tomorrow. I've contacted those donors whose address I need for sending out the autographed photos. (I've only had ten of these photos printed and no one else will ever see them, making them very rare).

The actresses who were in Art of Roxanne's Clippered Haircut can expect their DVD next week, as that DVD will go out in tomorrow's mail as well.

After work tomorrow, I have an errand to run. Then I'll shoot a video of me trying on the cape that someone sent me. Hubby was given a video camera at work, since they were going to recycle it. I figure that I'll try it out. It might be useful.
Tags: caping video, gofundme, roxanne

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