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now they all know

First, the photo for the donors have been ordered. They should arrive on the 20th. Yay!

Second, the artwork for Art of Roxanne's Clippercut Haircut is finished and has been submitted. Double yay!

Third, I'm no longer accepting phone calls for business matters. Only email. This way I can answer it in my own time and not have to try to take a call during shooting or during other busy moments. For those, please put in the email subject, "business." Thanks!

Fourth, everyone now knows at work that I extremely short hair. Even the male supervisor who originally told me nothing shorter than a pixie saw me and went, "Wow! Look at your eyes. They seem so much bluer now." And as him and I were talking, a co-worker stopped by to tell me how stunning I looked and how much she loved my new haircut. Triple yay!

Last thing - during a meeting this morning, as a co-worker and I were waiting for others to arrive, he asked me when I shaved my head, as he was gone the past couple of weeks on a business trip. He told me that me shaving my head was weird. When I asked why, he said that I reminded him of his sister. When he was younger, his sister shaved her head because she was "going through a phase." Since it was during the late 1990's, it was because head shaving was becoming popular and she had to do it too.

I had to suppress a laugh as other co-workers were coming online.

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