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shaved head revealed

So I did it. Everyone from work, including three supervisors, now know what I look like with a shaven head. People were shocked at first when I pulled off the wig to cover a male co-worker's head with the wig. (He looked adorable, by the way. Another co-worker took photos...which will be displayed on our bulletin board tomorrow at work). One supervisor shook her head at this, and said something like, "I can't believe we hired these people."

Anyway, my co-workers love my shaven look. They told me that I rock this cut and someone called me Sinead O' Connor. One male co-worker rubbed my head and told me to keep this look. He also shaves his head and was asking me so many questions about my shaven head. How often I do it? When did I start? Etc. Then he told me to be myself and keep the look - "be yourself like me!" Well, I promised the hubby that I'll be growing it out, so no. :)

Another co-worker wanted to wear my wig, so I put it on her, and she wanted photos. I happily took them for her. Then three of us female co-workers were feeling each other's napes, because two swore that they have a bumpy ridge, and they wanted to see if I had the same. I didn't. So they all had to feel it. Too funny. Many confessed that they wished that they could pull off the look.

Now to another topic - I check my PO Box once a month, as it's difficult to get my mail since this post office has short hours. I checked it this morning - thank you, K., for the beautiful cape, and thank you, J., for the cards.

I'm going to have dinner with my hubby and then edit the photo that I mentioned in the previous post.

Before I forget, I'm not going to wear a wig to work tomorrow, so the rest of my co-workers can see my new, true hairstyle.
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