haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

at work today

While typing at my desk at work, I heard my male co-worker -- the same one who wants to wear my pink wig tomorrow at the bar -- tell my female co-worker that she needs to touch up her pink hair. Sure, you might be thinking, "no big deal," right? Well, both of them sit on the other side of the room, which means that EVERYONE in the office could hear their conversation. He was remarking how her pink nape is perfect, but she has black peaking through by her ears and other places. "You have too much pink here. It's Hello Kitty Pink." She was trying to get him to shut his mouth, but it didn't work. Only when she promise to fix her hair this weekend did he stop pointing out the errors of her homemade dye job.

I must be crazy. It's 90-degrees outside and even hotter in the garage. (The garage has no air conditioning or electricity. The windows are nailed shut). Some photos were taken that I need to work on and then have printed, to send out to the donors who paid that donation level. Then I shot a video of me trying on wigs in different outfits.

Whew! Now I just need some video footage of me out in public, all dressed up, showing off my nearly shaved head. I've got over a week's growth now, and it's very soft. And it feels nice when I rub it. Smooth one way, prickly the other.
Tags: my hair adventures, video shoot, wigs

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