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video updates

One of my co-workers showed up with pink hair today. She said that she wants to go as bright as mine, but she'll do so next time (she was too nervous to go as bright as me right now; she didn't know what the reactions would be at work. One supervisor loved it!).

Now for a video update - I have time Sunday afternoon to video edit. That's all I'm going to do that afternoon. I need to finish up on making Roxanne's video ready for Amazon as I had promised the actress IMDB credit. Then I have a few other small videos that will be added to YouTube and another free site. That's all that I will have time for because video editing takes a lot of time. A lot.

I hope to shoot the wig try outs tomorrow, as well as my post-head shave interview. Once that is done, I'll have all the footage necessary for editing the head shaving video. Oh wait, no, I wanted to shoot something out in public. Well, anyway, I won't have this video ready for a few months since I only have time to edit every other weekend for a couple hours or so.

A note to some folks - instead of emailing/messaging me asking me when the videos will be ready, be sure to watch this blog for the latest updates. It's a lot easier to post in one place than to respond to a hundred emails/messages asking when the video will be done. And I'm not answering emails or messages at this time. Once I get things quieter on my end, I just want to crank out some videos and other creative adventures. I am realizing that I'm way too tied to the computer and that shouldn't be my life. I want to live life again. :)

That's about it for this update. Other than the temperatures are starting to soar. Thus, next week, I'm leaving my wig in my car once I get to work. I'll be sure to post the reactions.
Tags: my hair adventures, roxanne, video editing

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