haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Head shaving, work, wigs, and photos

This past Sunday was the big head shaving event. It took place at Carmen's salon, but we moved out one of her chairs to put my barber chair in its place.

My long hair was dry cut in stages. I was dressed as a roller derby girl to fit into the story line. No hair was kept, sorry, as I wasn't going to dig it out of the trash. The shooting took a little longer than planned, so I'll be shooting more footage next week. I'll have some photos taken too. One of which will be sent to certain donors with my autograph. No one else will see them, making them quite rare. :)

After the shooting, we went out to eat. Some people stared and some people smiled. I rubbed my freshly shaved head as I walked around the restaurant, making a few wish that they could do the same. Buzzed and smooth heads beg to be touched!

Only a few of photos were taken, a couple of those taken by the donor. He may be keeping those private. I had a few taken at home after another quick shave in spots (hubby helped this time) to even it out, and a shower. I put on my new favorite pajama bottoms that a sweet friend bought me for my birthday (which is today, btw) and posed outside with one of my kitties.

Now let's talk work.

The male supervisor ignored me Thursday, as he probably didn't know what to say. It turns out that he didn't even recognize me - so he told one of my co-workers. He told her that he can't believe that I'd wear a pink wig and etc. I forgot what my co-worker said in reply, but whatever it was, he kept his mouth shut after that.

Yesterday, one female co-worker told me that she's dying her hair pink this weekend. The last time that she put pink in her hair was for a pink streak in her bangs. She showed us a photo, and it was hot. Currently her hair is jet black.

Afterwards, a male co-worker pretended to grab my wig and put it on his head. I promised him that he can try it on at the bar next week after work.

Here are a couple photos of me:


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