haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Bald, wigs, and work

Oh my goodness, what did I start at work on Tuesday? After getting compliments on my wig from several co-workers, one asked if I was wearing a wig, and then another asked. Soon, everyone knew and the women wanted to see my bald head. I lifted my wig to show them, and they giggled in delight. Everyone asked why didn't I just show off my new style, so I told them what one of my supervisors said. And that's when it started. We began talking about extreme hair coloring, haircuts, and head shaving...and the wigs that I own.

A revolution began. After one gal confessed that she has always wanted to shave her head and was planning on doing it soon, but she wasn't too happy about what the supervisor said, so she went over his head to the boss.

She came back beaming. "It's our hair and we can do anything that we want. Be free!" So her and a couple other gals are planning extreme colors and haircuts. Over the next few weeks, my department will be looking a lot different - even better. I promised one coworker that I'd wear my hot pink bob wig on Wednesday. Next Friday, I'm wearing my "Cinnabon" wig, white turtle neck, wide belt, black slim slacks, and black knee high boots. My look - what Princess Leia would look like if she worked in an office.

For today, when I arrived to work, I switched into the hot pink wig. I've received so many compliments. Some co-workers where shocked, others told me who awesome I am.

One woman from a different department, saw me walking in my pink wig and she told me that Fridays are her wig days. She has several wigs that she has named. This woman is fun and amazing. She can't wait to show them to me and see my Princess Leia outfit next week.

Okay, now you may be asking why I switch wigs. I wear a brunette at home around my family. My husband doesn't like me bald, so he lovingly calls me "Uncle Fester." Which is fine because when I was in the third grade, kids would call me Wednesday Addams. I'd only be worried if he started calling me, "Pugsley."

I know many people are wondering how the head shaving went. The story will have to wait another day - it's taken me three days to write this post. I'd love to update everyday, but with raising a family, working full-time, job hunting, preparing for going back to college, volunteering for a publication, and doing household stuff leaves little time for photo and video editing. So I please ask, please do not email or message me. One weekend day, I spent five hours answering fan mail, only to get that same amount back within a couple of days. I know that I'm both loved and hated, so there's no need to tell me. :) I appreciate the thought, but I think everyone would prefer that I create and post more content in my spouts of free time than answering emails and messages. I'll create a question and answer page when I can find some one who can update my websites for me.

Today's update: several female co-workers are waiting to see if that one male supervisor who is strict about hair will be talking to me today. Supposedly, he is here today. I promised them all that I'll let them know. They seem more nervous than me!

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