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wig shopping and questions answered

I'm getting way too much email and messages to respond to each one, so I'll answer the questions about my upcoming head shave here:

What going to happen to my hair?
Once hair has been chemically treated, it cannot be donated. Because most women color, straighten, perm, etc., their hair, it's rude to tell/ask them to donate their hair for that reason. Many women like to hide the fact that they chemically treat their hair in some fashion, so telling them to donate their hair outs them. Just like you don't ask a woman what she weighs or her age, don't ask a woman to donate her hair.

The person shaving my head gets to do whatever he wants with my hair - keep it or toss it, it's up to him. It's his personal choice, thus I'm not going to ask.

When are you going to have your head shaved?
May 31st. I'm trying to confirm the date with the barbershop that I mentioned in the last post. I've put his business card in my lunch box; I'll call him today during lunch. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.

Can you perm your hair first?
Sorry, no. To get a perm, Carmen would cut my hair as it's too long for a perm.

Shave your head down the middle!
It's up to the person shaving my head. He can do whatever he wants - cut it off in stages, or right down the middle, or make me into a spotted leopard. (You get the idea).

You are nervous?
I'm excited. I can't wait, as I want to make a fun parody video. I hope to have some time next week to work on the lyrics. (I just wished that I had my own barber chair and area to shoot).

Hubby and I looked at some wigs online last night. He picked out one that isn't "housewife from hell." lol It'll arrive next week...just in case I don't find a wig place nearby. Head shave and after party is on a Sunday. Work is on that following Monday.
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