haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

found a barber shop

While running errands, I stopped by a small barber shop that seemed nearly hidden. Inside the shop, were older blue barber chairs, and a display case filled with barber tools and equipment, some dating back to 1911. The owner showed me his gems, but one item quickly became my favorite. He wanted to show me that it still worked - a Kirby clippers whose bottom had a hole where the vacuum attachment would go. He brought the shop's counter vacuum hose to the end of those old clippers, grabbed a handful of my hair, and ran my tips over the blade to show me that the clippers still worked.

He agreed to have the video shoot there. :)

Today's the last day to donate, for those who would like to donate. Last chance for the video bonus content that only will be given to those who donate at least $25.
Tags: event, my hair adventures

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