haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

head shaving photo sets and other shaving videos

As I am moving files, I've found some photos sets of women's head shaving, face shaving, and a roller set. I've put these and a few videos on Sellfy at:

168 Photos of Selena Shaving her Head Bald
163 Photos of Kat shaving Pistol Vegas's head bald
92 photos of Leah's Foam Perm and Roller Set in Beauty Salon
105 Photos of Kat Shaving her Face in Rollers
192 Photos of Kat's High and Tight in a Barber Shop
Kat's Big Hair Day
Caped Women Gone Wild
Angie's 1960s Big Hair - Roller Set and Style
Angie's Haircut at a Salon

Thank you, Jim, for the following links to hair themed stuff:

Dutch Dancer Bonnie Doets

Woman getting her face shaved in a barber shop

Woman shaves her head
Tags: bald women, head shaving, photo release, selena, sellfy, videos

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