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more hair things in the news

Yay, it's nearly Friday!

I put some DVDs on eBay at Once the DVD inventory has been sold, I'll no longer be selling DVDs.

Thank you, Greg, for the following comic strip:

Direct link:

Thank you, Jim, for all of the hair in the news:

Taylor Swift on cutting her hair

She did it

How short -- vid clip

Does Faith Hill have a Pixie Cut

Olivia Cook shaved head

YouTube clip of interview at the San Diego 2014 Comic Con

Giuliana Rancic cuts off 45" of hair

23-Actresses who have shaved their head for parts in a movie

Coach cuts off student's hair

YouTube clip of a young lady doing a "self" Mohawk Undercut, titled "SHOW and TELL TUESDAY -- How I cut my hair -- Mohawk Undercut" ..... She explains everything as she goes about the cut and it is sixteen (16) minutes and thirty-two (32) seconds long .....

HAIR ..... One woman's view 11-minutes and 37-seconds With subtitle .....

Mushroom Cut By: Italian Hair Fashion 5-minutes and 57-seconds

Photo of Zendaya in a wig

March Playmate and "Buzzed Bunny" Britt Linn is up for Playmate of the Year:

Hairstylist before and after photos

Roberta Cupua -- Italian TV personality

Spanish Model Marta Purrufos

YouTube of a young lady, Margo, talking about her "Side Shave", with a short clip of her getting it

Big Bang's Kaley "Penny" Couco hair update 03/02/2015
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