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Thank you, Jim, G., and G., for the following links to hair related articles, photos, and videos:

Nancy - 15. February, 2015
Direct link:

1920's Finger Waving Clips Tutorial

Women with Beards

Reasons why women should shave their face

Sunflower's Birthday Hair Lather Creaming

Vintage Photo of Several Buzzed Headed Women

Shaving Pattern into Nape


The other day I mentioned about how people have been asking to fly me over to them to give them a haircut/head shave. For those interested, the cost of my flight and the cost of my body guard/assistant's flight would have to be paid upfront. We're only available on certain weekends, and for the time that I'm there cutting hair, I charge $100/hour. At least one hour would have to be paid up front as well. Please email me directly, if interested.
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