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more vintage ads added

I added 15 new (vintage) ads on the Vintage Ads page, some ads dating back to the 1900s.  I was surprised to see how tiny the women's waists were illustrated back then (corsets were very popular).

The Vasline and Listerine ads also were a surprise.  When I think of Vasline and Listerine, I don't think of hair tonic or shaving cream.  It's interesting to see how companies change their product throughout the years.  (Or do they still make this stuff?  I'll have to visit their websites and take a look).

Scotch tape for hair?  Did salons really use this stuff?  :D

Anyway, since there's been a few people asking about larger, high quality versions of these ads, I have put them on DVD with many other ads, recipes, and the complete scans of my manuals.  All these ads and manuals are very rare and out of print.  They can be printed and hung on the barbershop, salon, laundry room, or bathroom wall.  DVD is $15.00, and includes shipping anywhere in the world.

I wish I could have included *all* the ads you see on the Vintage Ads page, but I gave many ads away after I had scanned them in the first time.  And I no longer have those files on my computer.

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