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hair in the news

I've added several more titles to I have 7 more videos and photo sets to go, and then will again house every video that I made. :)

Then, I'll start working on editing the next haircutting video.

Until then, how about some hair in the news! Thank you, J., for providing the links to things.

"The myth of women's thinning hair ....." with a video clip and slid show

This is a clip from back in 1974 ..... It was about a television program on a Aspen ( Colorado ) station program "Aspen Women's Week about "Feminist Week" being held in Aspen ..... A woman by the name of Betty Dodson shaves another women's head in the nude ..... The clip is around 20-mins and 3-secs. and is in black and white ..... The program was completely canceled .....

Here is one which is ALL SCISSORS -- NO CLIPPERS ..... It is fast .....

Famous TV Hairstyles
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