haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Amy Adams from the movie (American Hustle) in heated rollers.

Thank you, P., for sending in this photo of Amy Adams from the movie, American Hustle, in heated rollers.


In other news, I've slowly started adding video titles back to

These titles, mostly perm or roller sets, are those that are very large in size. While the files show only the photos, the vods are in the zip files. They just aren't shown as C4S can't do a still preview from videos in zip files. I hope to spend most of my time tomorrow creating the zip files and uploading them.

Once all the videos are back up, I'll start working on new ones again. =D (The ones that I've shot, but haven't had time to edit yet).
Tags: american hustle, amy adams, celebrities in rollers, hair in rollers

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