haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

I'm currently working on adding all the perm videos and other very large videos to I hope to dedicate this Saturday to getting the majority added. After that, I have a couple of haircutting videos to edit.

In the meantime, J. has sent in the following links. Thank you, J.!

Eve Salvail - once famous bald model

video clip (18-mins and 55-secs long) on her career as a model

Screen shot from a Family Guy episode - Stewie's Revenge

A woman buzzes off her hair. YouTube video

British female celebrity, Natalie Dormer, talks about her partially shaved head

Woman blogger, Ashleigh Lawrence Rye buzzes off her hair - posts photos

Lauren Conrad .....

First hair cut in years .....

First cut in a month ......

Second cut in a month .....

Third cut in a month .....

Tullulah Willis follows take the plunge like mom, Demi Moore .....
Tags: ashleigh lawrence rye, cartoons, celebrities bald, eve salvail, family guy, natalie dormer, youtube

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