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Lots of things have been happening lately.  First I renamed the "Supplies 4 U" page to "Tools."  Then I added the Marvey metal cape clips to that page.  These cape clips are hard to find, especially for those outside the USA.  

A video was also added to the HCF site this morning: Pistol Vegas Clowns Around.  In this video, our bald model puts on clown makeup and a clown outfit.  Professional clown makeup is used, and this makeup can be found at your theatre supply house or at

Yesterday I updated the webcam page to announce a video shoot, thus the webcam will be on, of a Marilyn Monroe roller set and style on April 3rd, starting at 10 am.  I'm currently looking for a model for that, as the model that we had booked, had her hair bleached, but the toner didn't come out right.  With her hair having breakage, she is too afraid to have it re-bleached.

I am near completeing the basic editing of the TruKenna video.  I hope to have this video available on the 21st of this month.  I will continue working on that soon.

On one of the previous blog entries, I mentioned doing a PAL/NTSC conversion.  I did get it figured out.  :)  And I purchased a PAL/NTSC VCR/NTSC player to make the VHS captures easier.

When I was doing a product shot for the cape clip, I noticed a rip in my pinstripe cape.  So I bought several more.  I'll probably list the extras on the website as well.

The headshaving event -- I'll be updating that page within the next few days.  The polls say that it should take place at the old-fashion barbershop.  And that a cover of $25.00 is reasonable.  What I'll do for that, because I know the economy isn't great right now (although I'm helping by doing my part in spending!  lol), I'll post a donation button.  At the event, I'll have a donation bank as well, in case people want to donate extra there, if they wish.  People will have to do some sort of donation through the website though, so I can get an actual head count.  I'll be keeping a list (it will not be made public), and only those on the list can go through the door.  


I wanted to update you on the Joy in the Morning video.  This video was made by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.  Their email address is mgmonline@MGM.COM  I have written to them, asking them to release this video.  If enough people do the same, I'm sure that MGM will release this video; they just need to know that there is an interest in it.

Another idea for other hard-to-find videos is maybe try calling the following stores.  This list is a few years old.  Back then, these *were* the stores to shop, if you couldn't find the video at Blockbuster.  All stores are located in the USA.

Movies Unlimited, St. Louis, MO, 314-781-4111
Vintage Vinyl, Granite City, IL, 800-573-2299
Video Universe, Robbinsdale, MN, 763-536-9932
Southside Music and Movies, St. Louis, MO, 314-772-7929
Crow's Nest, Chicago, IL 312-341-9196
Madhatter Music Company, Bowling Green, OH, 419-353-3555
Harmony House, Berkley, MI 248-544-1700
Liberty Street Video, Ann Arbor, MI 734-663-3121
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