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First of all, Happy Holidays! There's so many holidays around this time of year, so whatever you celebrate, I hope that it's incredibly.

Thank you, G., for sending in these hair-themed comic strips.

One Big Happy - 13.December

Thank you, other G., for sending in this article:

Why going GREY is all the range and how you can rock the look

Thank you, J., for the hair-themed links:

SI Cheerleader of the Week - Sam

Total Restyle - Videos of short hair cuts and hair styles from Europe.

Russian hair show from 2012

Italian Hair Show DUCAS -- Cosmoshow Malette 2012

American Singer NELL BRYDEN

Car covered in human hairé-toupee--syllist-s-world-record-after-covering-entire-car-in-human-hair-122554089.html#eMMPSFT

PEOPLE Interview of Toni Collette

The WALL Street Journal Interview of Toni Collette

Toni Collette photos

December 1997 on an Austrailian talk show - Toni Collette

Video of shaving off eyebrows

Haircutting stories

Jack in the Box - bowl haircuts

Fuji commercial Play Balls

Diet Coke commercial

Russian Hair ColorPoKonop (ROCOLOR) commercial

Mother/Daughter Ikea commercial

Commercial haircut Compilation from around the World ..... 6-minplus .....

Israeli Hair clippers commercial 1 .....

Israeli Hair Clippers commercial 2 ....

Clipper Happy Stylist video

Modified Bowl Haircut

Director's Cut

Chinese video
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