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movie wanted

I recieved an email from John, asking to post this request on my blog.  If you can help him, please contact him directly  Thanks!

Here's his message:

Kat, I am looking for a copy of a movie on DVD which was released in 1965. The director was Alex Segel. The movie stars Richard Chamberlain and Yvette Mimieau. In the movie there is a haircutting scene when Yvette goes into a barber shop and her blonde locks are all cut short. In the movie, she bawls as the barber cuts off her hair. 

The name of the movie is JOY IN THE MORNING. I am looking for a copy of the movie. Anyone on your site who has a copy, I would make arrangements to ask for a copy, supply a blank DVD and pay postage to sent to Toronto, Ontario Canada


Here's a bit more information on this movie:

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