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hair in the news and life update

I guess I'll get this out of the way...later this month, I will be having part of my cervix removed, after all. They found level-two cancer cells. If all goes well, I hope to never do this again. :)

Once the tissue has been removed, it will be examined to make sure that the cancer didn't spread deeper. But that's rare, I'm quite young, and I believe that it was caught in time. I will find out more near the end of the month.

Now for the fun stuff! Thank you, G., J., and someone else for sending me these. Sorry, I lost track of your name.

Kelly Osbourne sports a purple mohawk

Buzz Haircut are in!

Pauley Perrette has an allergic reaction to hair dye

The Nylon Cape - Haircutting stories where the helpless victim is
trapped under a big nylon cape.

Rachel Ray video clip

Blondie - July 25th
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