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celebrities with shaved heads and short haircuts

Thank you, J.! I got this in an email:

Here are two (2) clips of Jamie Presley, the star of the program "Jennifer Falls" ( I love it and it is really funny and she is extremely sexy with her short hair cut )

This one is from her appearances on The View January 2nd., 2014 , they talk about her short hair cut within the first two (2) minutes .....

This one is from her appearance on The Craig Ferguson Show April 19th., 2014, they talk about her short hair cut within the first three (3) minutes ..... You get a nice view of the left side of her head and how close it is clippered .....


Found this information about British Adult star, Ewa Price

First shave .....

Second shave .....


Miranda Lambert gets a bob haircut


Lots of great photos, J., says at
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