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Here's what I'm doing now: a new client asked if it's possible to take PAL VHS tapes and convert them into NTSC DVDs.  I told her that it is possible, but that I would have to look into it.  So for the past 5 hours I've been trying to get a PAL DVD to convert to NTSC DVD.  Hopefully this render will work, and if so, I'll buy some equipment to do the PAL VHS tapes.  (I gotta do something to pay the bills!)   *smile*

As the render is burning, I'm writing up the code so that I ....oh crap, render doesn't look good.  

Anyway, like I was saying, I'm writing up the code for all the vintage advertisements.  This should all be up by this weekend.  There's something for everyone:  those who like antique straight razors, curlers, bottles of hair tonic, tubes of shaving cream, hair tint.  Ads range from the 1900s to the late 1960's.

I stole some time earlier to look through those cosmetology texts.  One is from 1931.  Both texts cover permanent waves with and without the help from the machines.  Oh my gosh, very good detail and instructions!  To the guy who sent them, I love you man!  :D  Both texts are out-of-print and are very rare.  I'll scan them in maybe early next month or so.  

Well, I gotta see the result of my render.  Oh boy, I think I'm looking at another couple of hours on this thing.  I *will* get this figured out.  :)
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