haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

spiral perm update and bald woman comic book

I was going through photos and videos taken with my phone, and I found a couple of mini videos that I shot - one with me out shopping with curlers and another showing off my hair with the curlers out, when I was out and about. Both will be included after the credits of the spiral perm video.

On a different topic, when I was out yesterday, I found this comic at the comic book store.


As of May 3rd, that comic was on the shelves. The comic book cover says, "Jimmie Robinson, Five Weapons, Tyler's Revenge." It features a bald woman with fringe, so a Chelsea.

Then the other day, G., sent in this comic strip of Dennis the Menace. Thanks, G.!


The direct link to it is
Tags: bald woman, cartoon, chelsea, comic book, comic strip, dennis the menace, spiral perm, video editing

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